We are problem solvers.

We are problem solvers.

Problems are everywhere; mankind understands some, fails to discern many. We despise learning to live with the problems, rather, we look for or come up with solutions.


Problem Solvers

Minds from various fields of academia and industry, from engineering and design to medicine and law.



EV, Industrial Automation, AI, Sustainable tech, IoT, V2X, MaaS, VR, and the rest…



We’re working with institutes and corporates at a global scale, over a broad scope of RnD.

Perfection, exemplified.

CAS is our digital product agency. We deliver digital solutions and services of the highest quality to a broad range of clientele.

Your problems, our adventure.

EDS is our engineering and design agency. We provide services in the automotive and electromechanical sector.

Destination, tomorrow.

IDE Ventures is where we explore & mess around with experimental ideas that are often seemingly absurd.

The revenue generated from CAS and EDS is invested into IDE Ventures. If and when a project matures, we either publish the work as academic research, or set it off as an independent firm. You can find the active projects here, and the archived projects here.

We’re hiring!

We’re always on the lookout for eccentric talent.

We’re hiring!

We’re always on the lookout for eccentric talent.


180 High St, Ashburton, VIC 3147, Australia


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#646, Habeeb Nagar, Hyderabad, TS, India


Hisn Avenue, Corniche Street, Sharjah, UAE

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