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The f(x) Programme: Interdisciplinary, collaborative, hands-on learning & teaching.


In our multifaceted world, the solutions we design often create more problems than what they solve. This, when cascaded, ironically gives rise to a society that is far from our natural subsistence.


We might have to redefine our terms of civilisation and how we as beings integrate into our environment. For this, we need problem solvers with a comprehensively holistic vision and a broad understanding of the various disciplines that capacitate us.

The f(x) Programme is our attempt towards a resolution.

How does it function?

1 Year

The default length of the programme, though the students may choose to extend if desired.

3 Phases

Each year is divided into phases, with new teams formed at the beginning of each phase.

5 Members

The general size of each team, with each member from a different academic background.

5 Days a week

With a 45 minute long Learning & Teaching session (during workdays) after class hours.

Students self-learn & thereafter teach the other team members subject matters that are decided by the team with mentors’ assistance as per interests.

The penultimate week of each phase involves getting the teams to ask the right questions, fundamentally redefining a problem & generating a unified vision.

Each phase ends with a week-long hackathon where the team is to collaboratively utilize the skill-sets acquired to address the defined problem statement.

We are continually optimizing the structure of the programme in order to maximize impact. So far, the program is functional in three educational institutions along with a handful more in early testing phases.

Get In Touch

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